Update History of BatchRename

Version 4.51 (8/09/2013):
1. Recent file history supported for batch profile.
2. Bug fix for read file info.
3. Bug fix for insert rename rule not working in some cases.

Version 4.50 (8/07/2013):
1. Simplified renaming UI, easier and clear for renaming process.
2. More favorite renaming rules added.
3. EXIF properties info improved.
4. Favorite rule category improved.
5. Minor bugs fixed.

Version 4.10 (6/10/2013):
1. Renaming rule category list added.
2. Dockable pane UI improved.
3. File detail info read performance improved.
4. Bug fix for remembering UI view state.

Version 4.09 (5/23/2013):
1. Bug fix for shell menu crash on some XP system.
2. Bug fix for replace and insert renaming rule builder.

Version 4.08 (5/06/2013):
1. Random number and character feature improved.

Version 4.07 (5/03/2013):
1. Bug fix for undo renaming.
2. Bug fix for file list not visible at step 1.

Version 4.06 (1/16/2013):
1. Support recursively add files in sub folders.
2. Add checkbox to toggle show/hide file list on step 2.
3. Hide folder info in renaming result if new file stays in same folder as before.
4. Bug fix for re-install and need re-activate issue on some computers.

Version 4.03 (12/11/2012):
1. Bug fix for renaming using some EXIF data not work issue.
2. Remove file button added on the "Start renaming" tab.

Version 4.02 (11/08/2012):
1. Bug fix for shell menu expires after 30 days issue.
2. Improve unicode property read from MP3 files.

Version 4.01 (9/17/2012):
1. All new redesigned UI, with Ribbon toolbar style and multi tab layout.
2. Support batch renaming using command line prompt.
3. Renaming process in different thread with progress bar display, and it's easy to cancel the process.
4. Many new features, tweak and improvement included in this new version.
4. Compatible with Windows 8.

Version 3.76 (6/8/2012):
1. New feature added, you can stop the renaming process now, very useful when you rename a lot of files in a batch.
2. Progress bar added to indicate the renaming process.
3. Picture preview feature improved, PNG file supported now.
4. Result log improved.
5. UI improved.
6. Some favorite renaming rules improved.

Version 3.75 (2/13/2012):
1. Shell context menu improved, support 3rd party explorer programs now.

Version 3.72 (12/29/2011):
1. Bug fix for renaming file using the last couple of words read from .doc file.
2. Renaming word doc files using doc content feature improved again.

Version 3.71 (12/27/2011):
1. Shell context menu improved, renaming rule categories on the menu is ordered same way as in main window, issue fixed for XP system, icon display improved on shell menu.
2. New feature added, support rename file using its SHA256 hash now.
3. Renaming word doc files using doc content feature improved, only using readable characters for renaming.
4. Shell context menu on/off switch added.
5. Load/Save batch buttons added.

Version 3.70 (12/19/2011):
1. New redesigned layout and improved UI for easier renaming use.
2. Bug fix for media view feature.

Version 3.68 (9/05/2011):
1. Reanme file using office word document content improved, support using any number of words to rename now.
2. Bug fix for loading favorite rules to rule builder with spaces in it.
3. UI improved.
4. Renaming results display improved.

Version 3.67 (6/28/2011):
1. Support adding internet shortcut files from add files dialog and from shell context menu.
2. UI improved on color, font, and icons.

Version 3.66 (4/03/2011):
1. Support reading mp3 ID3 tags from files with unicode file name, and use them to rename files.

Version 3.65 (3/21/2011):
1. File list will auto refresh after renaming is done.
2. Bug fix for reading some MP3 tags.

Version 3.64 (2/03/2011):
1. Promo link moved from title bar to about dialog. 
2. UI improved.

Version 3.63 (1/21/2011):
1. More features are available in free edition.
2. Show picture option can be saved now.
3. Unicode tag supported in renaming MP3 files using ID3 V2 Tag.
4. Installer improved.

Version 3.62 (1/03/2011):
1. Installer improved.
2. Online help start menu shortcut link fixed.

Version 3.61 (12/03/2010):
1. Bug fix for loading 'REPLACE' favorite rules.

Version 3.60 (11/29/2010):
1. New feature added - support using office word document's first couple of wrods to rename file.
2. New favorite renaming rules and filter added for word doc rename.
3. New redesigned program icon, compatible with Windows 7.
4. UI improved.
5. The "About" dialog improved, product ID displayed on it.

Version 3.58 (5/29/2010):
1. New renaming command added, use file's current folder name to rename files.
2. New favorite renaming rules added to use folder name to rename files.

Version 3.57 (4/29/2010):
1. Advanced shell menu feature added, you can select a favorite renaming rule from shell menu and rename the selected files and folders in windows explorer now.
2. Promotion links on title bar can be configured on help menu.
3. Shell menu icon improved.

Version 3.56 (4/06/2010):
1. 64 bit shell DLL support added.
2. Adding files and folders via shell DLL feature improved, you can add a folder and the files inside it using shell DLL now.
3. Online update feature improved.
4. Installer improved.

Version 3.55 (3/18/2010):
1. EXIF renaming improved, more EXIF tag available now.
2. Support specifying the format for rational EXIF data.
3. Details about renaming error are added into renaming status.
4. QuickView for picture info improved.

Version 3.52 (3/04/2010):
1. Improve drag and drop to support add files in sub directory.
2. Improve renaming by EXIF shutter speed.

Version 3.51 (1/27/2010):
1. BatchRename Free first release.
2. Online activation service improved.

Version 3.50 (1/18/2010):
1. New features added to insert random characters to file name.
2. New features added, you can sort files by file name, path name, or by full file path, increasingly or decreasingly.
3. Folder only option added, you can select add folders only to the list.
4. Online activate supported.
5. Renaming result improved, easy to find out the renaming errors and check the error detail.
6. New favorite renaming rules added.

Version 3.44 (11/18/2009):
1. Bug fix for encrypt file names using Base64 algorithm.

Version 3.43 (11/16/2009):
1. Online help added, new features and instructions all updated in the new help document, lots of renaming examples included there.
2. Encrypt/Decrypt file name feature added, you can use RC4, Base64 and MD5 algorithm to encrypt/encode your file names now.
3. Unicode files support improved in Windows shell context menu.
4. Favorite rule map to rule builder feature improved.
5. More favorite renaming rules added.
6. Register dialog improved.

Version 3.42 (09/19/2009):
1. Favorite renaming rules filter feature added, you can easily group all the favorite renaming rules now.
2. Combine favorite renaming rules feature is supported, you can select more than one favorite rename rules from the favorite list now by holding CTRL key, then all the renaming rules from the selected items on favorite list will be added to rename rule builder, and ready for batch rename.
3. Support Aero glass window look and feel in Vista and Windows 7.
4. GUI improved.
5. Trial period extended to 30 days. 

Version 3.41 (06/15/2009):
1. Add leading "0" when renaming files using CRC32 code and the file's CRC code begin with "0".

Version 3.40 (05/28/2009):
1. Add support for renaming files using CRC32, MD5, and SHA1 hash code.
2. New renaming favorite rules added.
3. Theme color menu improved.
4. Titlebar buttons and UI improved.

Version 3.38 (01/20/2009):
1. Fully unicode support.
2. Rename files using shell detail data improved.
3. Rename files using EXIF data improved.

Version 3.37 (12/12/2008):
1. Improve renaming photos with GPS and EXIF properties.
2. Favorite renaming rules saved to user data folder instead of install path, better compatible for Vista.
3. Better support for big font system.
4. Installer and uninstaller improved.

Version 3.36 (10/15/2008):
1. Invalid characters in filenames will be auto filtered and replaced after renaming with any rule.
2. Auto online update feature improved.
3. Better support for using customized DPI (big font).
4. Color Theme improved.

Version 3.35 (06/15/2008):
1. Rename rules builder improved, it's easier to build rename rules now.
2. Insert rename feature improved, support to insert all formatted digit numbers, date time, MP3 info, EXIF data, shell details properties, and image properties...
3. New favorite rules added.
4. UI and result list improved.

Version 3.32 (05/21/2008):
1. Support renaming files with EXIF GPS tag now!
2. More favorite renaming rules added.
3. Improve theme display on Vista.

Version 3.31 (03/23/2008):
1. Multi-filter supported. You can input multi filters to filter files in the file list. Filters are separated by "|".

Version 3.30 (03/03/2008):
1. Improve support for renaming digital photos using the EXIF data, all EXIF properties supported.
2. Improve support for renaming MP3 files using MP3 ID3 Tags, all tags supported.
3. Regrouped favorite renaming rules with more favorite rules added.
4. UI improved, the result list is resizable now.
5. QuickView feature improved, more file properties listed there.

Version 3.27 (01/28/2008):
1. Support adding random numbers to filenames.
2. New favorite rules added.
3. User manual updated.

Version 3.26 (12/27/2007):
1. Support rename directory from shell menu.

Version 3.25 (11/19/2007):
1. New feature added to QuickView: you can view all the file properties in the quickview area including: MP3 Tag info, Picture's EXIF data, Windows shell details info. With this, you can easily decide which property you want to use to rename the file.
3. Color theme improved, up to 15 color theme now.

Version 3.22 (09/12/2007):
1. Improve rename path name feature.
2. Fix resize GIF picture bug.
3. Add option to check auto update.
4. Add option to stop exit reminder.

Version 3.13 (05/21/2007):
1. Jpeg picture conversion with quality options.

Version 3.10 (12/10/2006):
1. Picture adjustment command "PICADJUST" added, support resize (to a percentage of original size or to a specific size), rotate with 90, 180 270 degree, and flip vertical or horizontal.
2. Support renaming files using their Shell detail properties, like what you see on the columns of Windows explorer, including video properties, audio properties and more ...
3. Windows Vista Compatible.

Version 3.02 (11/08/2006):
1. Support renaming pics with EXIF data.
2. "IncludeDir" option added

Version 3.00 (10/11/2006):
1.Drag and Drop feature added. You can drag files and folders from any window to BatchRename's file list, and get them renamed easily.

Updated on version 2.75 (02/12/2006):
1. Picture conversion support. By adding picture rules, you can easily convert the pictures to most popular format (bmp, jpg, gif, tif, png) while you renaming them.
2. Destination output directory support.

Updated on version 2.70 (10/01/2005):
1. New date format added, including long local date and short local date format.
2. Rename by time rules added.
3. Rule update function added. When select a rule from list, it will be also shown in the rule builder, then you can easily modify a rule from the rule list.

Updated on version 2.61 (10/14/2004):
1. New rule for "increasing step" added. You can adjust the "increase step" for the digits of filenames. For example: To add a 4-digit suffix growing by 5, you can build the rule as "FILENAME SUFFIX digit length:4+5", just add "+5" as the step in the end.

Updated on version 2.60 (10/08/2004):
1. Support renaming MP3 using ID3 Tag v1 and v2. 2. Support renaming pictures using the image properties: resolution, color bits, type format.

Updated on version 2.51 (09/07/2004):
1. New rule "INSERT" added.