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General Questions

What is the free upgrade service?

All of our products are free for upgrade! Once you order it, you can get registration service for the new version at any time.

Are all your products free for download?

Yes, all of them.

How long is the trial period?

The trial period is 15 or 30 days depends on which product you select.

I can not download your software at, is there any other place I can download it?

Yes, You may also download our product from some other famous download site like: Download, Winsite, Simtel or Tucows.

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Register and License

What is the registration procedure?

Step one:
Visit our web site to order the product. If you have already placed your order, please go to Step two.

Step two:
Please click the "Activate" button (with the icon of keys) on the title bar to show the Activation dialog.

Step three:
Then, please fill in your name, email and most importantly the Order ID (which should be sent to you by email after you complete the online order), and click the "Activate Online" button at bottom to unlock the full verison.

Where can I find the Product ID?

You will find the Product ID on the top of register dialog. Please click the "Buy and Register" from the help menu of our product to show the register dialog.

I have received my registration code. But when I enter it, I get a message "Invalid Registration Code". Why?

Maybe it is the confusion with the letter and the digit in the registration code. The best way to input the registration code is to copy and paste it to registration dialog.

During the use of the product, it says "This copy is unauthorized, please contact us ...".

That is because you entered an unauthorized registration code from some "cracking" website. After you purchase the product, we will send you the authorized registration code to solve this problem.

Why my product ID changed on my computer, and what should I do?

The product ID will be different when you change your hardware or your operating system. If it's on the same computer, you can ask for a new registration code by sending us your new product ID, we will generate a new registration code for you and disable the old one.
One license is valid only for one computer. But multiple user can share one license on the same computer. If you need more license for installation on multiple computers, you can get discount for at least 30% OFF on further purchase.

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Order & Payment

Can I pay by check, wire, or PO other than credit card?

RegNow and RegSoft do offer ordering options in addition to payment online with a credit card. The offline ordering options we offer include by phone, mail, fax, wire, and PO (if applicable). Please note that utilizing one of these offline ordering options you will be required to pay an additional processing fee.
To place an order by mail, fax, wire, and PO (when applicable) use the online form and then choose one of these payment options found in the Payment Method section of the form. Once submitted online, the appropriate information will be provided to you in your web browser to send your payment to us off line.

Can I pay by PayPal?

Yes, we accept payment via paypal.

What is the difference in the services of RegNow, RegSoft, and PayPal?

RegSoft can provide you CD copy of our products. Meanwhile, you may select to pay by Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover/Novus, Eurocard, Eurocheques), FAX Ordering, Postal Mail, Phone or Purchase Order.
RegNow accepts US dollar, pound Sterling, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and Euro. Also, you may select to pay by Credit Card, FAX Ordering, Postal Mail, Phone or Purchase Order. Furthermore, it support 7 different languages including English, Deutsch, Espanol, Francais, Portugues, Dutch, and Svenska.
PayPal does not add TAX to the price. It accepts US dollar, pound Sterling, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar and Euro.

What is 15 days money back guarantee ?

If you purchase our product using PayPal, we will provide you a 15 days Money Back Guarantee for any reason. On the other hand, if you purchase our product via other agents, we cannot offer you this Guarantee. However, all our products have a more than 15 days free trial period, so why not try before buy.

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I had 10 files which had already a name and I want to rename them like that: 01 - xxxxx (where xxxxx is the file name), 02 - yyyyy, 03 - zzzzz, and so on. Can I apply it in BatchRename?

Yes, in "BatchRename 2" you can realize it by add rules "FILENAME PREFIX "-" " and "FILENAME PREFIX digit length 2".

How can I add a specified word which is not listed in the rule builder combo box?

You can just type the word in that combo box.

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How much can HyperCalendar hold? Or can the file grow as big as I decide to let it?

HyperCalendar has no limitation on the size of diary. You can write as much as possible if your disk's capacity is enough.

I have installed HyperCalendar but I can't get the alarm working at the set time.

After you set an alarm, please press the "Save ALL" button or press the "CTRL+S" key to update the alarm.

How can I check to see if I am running the current version of HyperCalendar? I love the calendar. Too bad more people don't know about it. It has been a great help here in the office.

The automatic online update function is available from the new version 1.60, thank you.

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