Update History of HyperCalendar

Version 3.33 (12/05/2012):
1. 2013 holidays info added.

Version 3.32 (8/13/2012):
1. Picture attach and display feature improved.
2. Installer improved.

Version 3.31 (5/18/2012):
1. New desktop calendar size added.

Version 3.30 (12/21/2011):
1. New icons and many UI improvements included in this version.
2. New 2012 holidays added.
3. Clock display improved.
4. Bug fix for tray icon menu links.
5. A default reminder text will be applied when adding new reminder item.

Version 3.28 (2/04/2011):
1. Promo link moved from title bar to about dialog.  
2. UI improved.

Version 3.27 (1/17/2011):
1. Installer improved.
2. Free edition released.

Version 3.26 (11/05/2010):
1. 2011's holiday info added.
2. The "About" dialog improved, product ID displayed on it.
3. Program icon display improved, compatible with Windows 7.

Version 3.25 (5/22/2010):
1. Sound recorder improved.
2. Promotion links added on title bar and can be configured through help menu.
3. Online update feature improved.

Version 3.22 (1/18/2010):
1. Online activate supported.
2. Data load/save speed improved.

Version 3.21 (10/26/2009):
1. Bug fix for empty data folder on version 3.20.
2. Default font improved on new installed users.
3. Add reminder feature improved.

Version 3.20 (10/25/2009):
1. Desktop calendar improved.
2. File and data management improved.
3. Color theme improved.
4. Support Aero glass window look and feel in Vista and Windows 7.
5. Installer improved.
6. Include holidays of 2010.

Version 3.11 (02/16/2008):
1. Color theme improved.

Version 3.10 (01/21/2008):
1. HyperCalendar Pro released, include the voice recorder feature.
2. Color theme improved.
3. Setting save function improved.

Version 3.06 (12/03/2007):
1. Configuration saving method improved.

Version 3.05 (11/12/2007):
1. Bug fix for multimedia reminders when link to a multimedia file.
2. New feature "default font" added. You can specify a default font for your new diary and reminder entries.
3. Export to RTF file feature improved.
4. Color theme improved.
5. 2008 Holidays included.

Version 3.01 (10/11/2007):
1. Bug fix for checking missed reminder on recurrence reminders.
2. Display reminder state on calendar for weekly, monthly, and yearly recurrence reminders.

Version 3.00 (10/08/2007):
1. New look and feel, 15 color theme selectable now, with improved antialias analog clock display!
2. Reminder recurrence feature added! you can specify a reminder to recur everyday, every weekday, every weekend day, or to recur every week, every month, every two month, or every year.
3. Two editions for you to choose: HyperCalendar ($19.95) and HyperCalendar Pro ($26.95, with media recorder feature).
4. TopCalendar display improved.
5. Error log feature improved.
6. Add option to stop the exit reminder message.
7. Add option to check auto update.

Version 2.52 (12/27/2005):
1. 2006 Holidays added.
2. Register method improved.

Version 2.50 (09/23/2005):
1.New theme, cool look and feel!.
2.New install system.

Version 2.40 (06/06/2005): 1.Search result content summary added, it's easy to view and print your diary in batch now.
2.Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.35 (01/17/2005):
1. Customizable date format: The display date can be set as mm-dd-yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy, or yyyy-mm-dd. Also, the start day of week can be set to be Sunday or Monday.
2. Preview add to reminder view. You may preview the multimedia content of a reminder easily now.
3. Bug fixed on big font system.

Version 2.30 (11/02/2004):
1.Support for insert most kinds of pictures (jpg,gif,ico,png,tif,bmp ...) to the rich diary now.
2.Support for attach any files to the rich diary now.
3.New option added (in the config dialog): Need login at every time show from taskbar, to protect your diary viewing from others in your PC.
4.New option added (in the config dialog): Auto check for new version at startup.
5.Theme menu added.
6.Minor bugs fixed.
7.Theme color improved again.

Version 2.20 (10/19/2004):
1.A new layout with a new face!
2.Enhanced search mode with more functions applicable including select date range, search active reminders, and search diaries with pictures embeded.
3.More color themes up to 10 now! Three brand new themes - Dark green, Dark blue, and Black, and all other themes are enhanced.
4.TopCalendar display improved.
5.Refresh reminder time button added
6.Help menu added.
7.Maximize function added.

Version 2.10 (12/01/2003):
1.New function added. Holidays displayed in bold font. You may download every year's holidays from foryoursoft.com (click the button "Synchronize holidays"), and even edit the holidays by yourself freely (edit the holiday bin files use notepad).
2.The weekends is displayed in different color on the calendar.
3.Every config setting can be remembered at the time you change it.